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Our vision as a leading wayfinding consultancy is to create exceptional wayfinding strategies in challenging environments in order to ensure human compatibility.

Wayfinder UK - wayfinding for Merseyrail

Wayfinder UK were commissioned by Merseyrail to undertake a general analysis of the organisation’s current wayfinding provision across 64 stations. Concentrating on how Merseyrail links up with other networks on the

What is Wayfinding?

Put simply, the answer to the question "what is wayfinding?" is "the efficient movement of people in places and spaces". It was Kevin Lynch who very first coined the word 'wayfinding' in his

Wayfinder UK take part in Fleetwood Half Marathon 2015.

Wayfinder UK nominated two employees to take part in the Fleetwood half marathon in August 2015 to raise money for The Christie, one of Europe's leading cancer centres. The half

The University of Sheffield collaborate with Wayfinder UK for Velocity 2

  The start of the University year has seen the opening of Velocity 2, a new build part of The University of Sheffield’s commitment to growing and developing their teaching

The Diamond - The University of Sheffield

  The University of Sheffield is on the verge of revealing its latest flagship building this autumn. The Diamond building is said to have cost £81 million and is the

HOME Manchester – Contemporary Arts and Wayfinding

HOME describes itself as a place ‘for curiosity seekers, for lovers of the dramatic, the digital and the deeply engaging; for radicals and reciprocates.’ The newly built building contains two theatres,

Wayfinding and its relevance within the New Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Guidance for Compliance, April 2015

When it set out its new Vision and direction in its Strategy for 2013 – 2016, Raising standards, putting people first and in its consultation, A new start, the CQC

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt's main campus is located in Riccarton in South West Edinburgh on 380 acres of parkland. The campus consists of student residences, a postgraduate centre, shops, several library collections, childcare, healthcare, a chaplaincy, a variety of recreational and sports facilities, and a museum.

Catmose Campus

Catmose College is an academy school based in Rutland. The College is one of highest attaining in Rutland and Leicestershire. The Ofsted report in February 2012 rated the college ‘outstanding’ in all categories.

Effective wayfinding can only be achieved by understanding the in-built cognitive mechanisms by which human beings navigate and harnessing them correctly.

Mike Slater

Wayfinding Consultant

Our knowledge of where and when to position information is key. As a leading wayfinding consultancy we understand the cognitive processes and the workings within our subconscious which can render easily visible signs useless.
In creating a solution, our consultative approach means we examine ways people perceive space and how they navigate through complex environments, asking many questions to arrive at the correct solution.

Giving You a Strategic Wayfinding Solution That Works

We can provide you with industry leading wayfinding consultancy delivering an in depth analysis of how you perceive and navigate a building or area. Allowing you to understand the complexity of spatial awareness and the need for strategies to aid human navigation.

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Cognitive Wayfinding

Our Wayfinding Process

This website is designed to offer only general information, therefore the content does not explain the important technical details involved in the wayfinding process.
Such information is restricted to client briefings, in order to protect our intellectual property. As this information is vital to your understanding of our wayfinding consultancy services and the many benefits, we are more than happy to explain in detail, either over the telephone or face to face.

To find out more, please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation telephone conversation with one of our senior consultants.