What We Do

About Us: What We Do

Wayfinder UK are an independent strategic wayfinding company which help organisations create user friendly environments.

Our systematic and comprehensive approach involves the use of specialist techniques and disciplines, an understanding of human behaviour and our own pioneering wayfinding philosophy. Focusing on places and spaces where clear and cohesive navigation is important, our consultants help clients realise the true potential of their facilities and maximise their image through branding.

Our clients include large multi-national corporations, local authorities, hospitals, airports, universities and independent businesses where image and clear direction are essential. Due to our independence, our position within the marketplace is unique. We provide consultancy which is free from the constraints of design and product. A service which can focus on the needs of the client without any distraction. In turn, delivering you a strategic wayfinding service which is dedicated to producing user friendly environments.

Many projects we cannot mention are due to the fact we work for Architects, Sign Companies and Designers behind the scenes under their banner.