Who We Are

About Us: Who We Are

Wayfinder UK was established in 2002 to bridge a significant gap in the market and has been at the cutting edge of wayfinding theory ever since, giving presentations to like-minded individuals as far afield as The Middle East and Canada.

Our vision is to create exceptional wayfinding strategies in challenging environments in order to ensure human compatibility. We are a professional organisation founded on sound ethical principles and believe we offer our customers the best possible solution at the best value for money.

Wayfinder UK were quick to recognise the significance of wayfinding as an independent discipline with regards to the building and function of human environments. When utilised correctly, wayfinding can have a hugely beneficial role to play in terms of efficiencies, revenue generation, branding and cost savings across a number of areas.

As independent consultants with over 25 years experience in the industry, we are considered the experts in our field. Our consultants have gained a wealth of knowledge working across a wide range of human environments. We pride ourselves on delivering quality wayfinding strategies in every project – this has been the driving force behind our success.