City Wayfinding

City wayfinding strategies have begun to be implemented as a crucial part of urban planning across cities worldwide.


The primary focus of city wayfinding is the outdoor environment and as a result directing the public across a large scale wayfinding system. Therefore such large scale planning brings into consideration a vast range of users, from pedestrians to cyclists. It is vital to understand their typical routes and consequently analyse what can be done, improving each user’s navigation methods.
Our city wayfinding can also include the incorporation of local authority buildings which can be integrated into a large scale wayfinding strategy. Therefore driving a cohesive system of communication both internally and externally. As a result helping develop a user friendly city and a positive brand image.


Benefits of Our City Wayfinding Process
  • Efficient movement of people
  • Massive cost savings
  • More enjoyable experience
  • Management document
  • Positive visitor feedback
  • Reduced signage
  • Project Implementation
  • Improves Brand and Image



The £25 million arts venue, “Home” is one building within the 2.2 acre development of First Street North, the latest phase of the wider First Street project, one of the most significant developments to take place in Manchester city centre for many years. The 20 acre scheme has been party funded by the European Union and is being developed in conjunction with the City's partner Ask Developments.

Aberdeen University Library

Aberdeen University Library first started construction in 2009. Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects it was the winner of the RIBA Awards 2013: RIBA National Award Winner on 13th June 2013. The 15,500 m² library, which provides a 21st century learning and research environment for students, university staff, visitors and the public, is a positive example of how architecture can make a difference.

Blackburn Market

Over the last few years a number of major regeneration projects have changed the face of Blackburn bringing new and improved public spaces, buildings and transport networks. A £66 million extension to The Mall Shopping Centre has improved the town centre beyond all expectations.

Bolton Metropolitan Council Civic Centre

Wayfinder UK were appointed to create a communications and wayfinding strategy across Bolton, linking all relevant government buildings within the same strategy. There needed to be a cohesive system which linked all government buildings in the town by planning a system designed with the public at mind.

Bolton One

Completed in 2012, the £34-million Bolton One is a swimming pool, health and academic centre created a significant landmark in the Bolton Innovation Zone. The flagship health and fitness facility was a joint project between Bolton Council, Bolton University and the NHS.

Effective wayfinding for towns and cities is incredibly complex and hence can only be achieved by understanding the in-built cognitive mechanisms by which human beings navigate. Consequently we can then harness them in the correct manner.

Mike Pridding

Town and City Wayfinding Consultant

Our knowledge of City Wayfinding where and when to position information is key. As a result we understand the cognitive processes and workings within our subconscious which can render visible signs useless.

In creating a solution, our consultative approach means we examine ways people perceive space and as a result how they navigate through complex environments. Consequently  asking many questions to arrive at the correct solution.

Giving You a Strategic Wayfinding Solution That Works For Your City

We can provide you with an in depth analysis of how you perceive and navigate a building or area. Allowing you to understand the complexity of spatial awareness and therefore the need for strategies to aid human navigation.

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