Sports and Leisure Wayfinding

Sports and leisure wayfinding strategies look to facilitate the movement of people across an environment that may have several uses.


In this sense a strategy will need to be flexible, as a result accommodating for a range of events and audiences. Therefore there needs to be a wayfinding plan. This plan must appreciate the different types of people at any given sports and leisure building. In turn a logical and well thought out methodology should make navigation as intuitive as possible, consequently introducing a simple and informative solution.
Other considerations within the building such as branding and advertising need to be considered as parts of the overall strategy. Sports Stadiums and theme parks are a prime example. They must select a strategy which most of all, guides people safely across a particular location. Consequently a strategy is created which appreciates the benefit of positive user experience and how this helps boost growth in the sports & leisure sector.


Benefits of Our Wayfinding Process
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Massive cost savings
  • More enjoyable experience
  • Management document
  • Positive visitor feedback
  • Reduced signage
  • Project Implementation
  • Improves Brand and Image



The £25 million arts venue, “Home” is one building within the 2.2 acre development of First Street North, the latest phase of the wider First Street project, one of the most significant developments to take place in Manchester city centre for many years. The 20 acre scheme has been party funded by the European Union and is being developed in conjunction with the City's partner Ask Developments.

Jason Kenny Centre

The Jason Kenny Centre, named after Olympic cycling double gold medallist Jason Kenny, is a facility which include a fitness suite, a community gym, dance and workout studio and eight-lane, 25-metre swimming pool.


Legoland Windsor Resort, also known as Legoland Windsor, is a child-oriented theme park and resort in Windsor, Berkshire in England, themed around the Lego toy system. The park opened in 1996 on the former Windsor Safari Park site as the second Legoland after Legoland Billund in Denmark.

Effective wayfinding for sports and leisure can only be achieved as a result of understanding the in-built cognitive mechanisms. Especially those by which human beings navigate and harnessing them correctly.

Mike Slater

Sports and Leisure Wayfinding Consultant

Our knowledge of Sports and Leisure Wayfinding where and when to position information is key. We understand the cognitive processes and therefore the workings within our subconscious which can render easily visible signs useless.

In creating a solution, our consultative approach means we examine ways people perceive space and how they navigate through complex environments, asking many questions and as a result arriving at the correct solution.

Giving You a Strategic Wayfinding Solution That Works For Your sports and leisure venue

We can provide you with an in depth analysis of how you perceive and therefore navigate a building or area. Consequently this will allow you to understand the complexity of spatial awareness and the need for strategies to aid human navigation.

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